Motorway Ramp Merging for Autonomous Vehicles – TAKEN

This project will investigate the design of a cooperative motorway on-ramp merging algorithm for autonomous vehicles. The algorithm should be optimal (i.e., ensure that joining vehicles can always enter the first available space on the motorway that they can reach given their arrival time and speed), safe (i.e. ensure no collisions between vehicles occur) and … Read more

Stream-based Middleware for Connected Vehicles – TAKEN

An increasingly rich set of sensor data is expected to be available from individual vehicles (and road-side units) in real-time as the level of automation increases towards fully autonomous vehicles (AVs). This means that it will be possible for other vehicles and especially public authorities to build an ever more detailed picture of the current … Read more

The Managed Motorway

The emergence of ubiquitous wireless connectivity, the ‘Internet of Things’, connected/autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence among other technologies means that roads (especially motorways) might be managed in entirely different ways in the future. This might allow road operators to offer new services and business models including differential charging, dynamic rerouting, journey booking, or guaranteed quality … Read more


I’m happy to consider compelling project proposals that involve hardware, networking, security or wireless technologies. Ideally they will be well aligned with my research interests. In recent years students have worked on projects in security and crypto, Vehicular Networking, Distributed online control, Underwater communications, and some simple Quantum Communication concepts. It might be interesting to … Read more

Lifelong reinforcement learning – TAKEN

Lifelong Machine Learning is a technique that enables an agent to learn continuously, accumulate the knowledge learned in previous tasks, and use it to help future learning. However, most machine learning techniques currently focus on learning a single-task. This project will investigate lifelong learning techniques that enable accumulation and reuse of knowledge from previously encountered … Read more