Enhancing engagement in Conversational (AI) Agents

Conversational Agents (sometimes operationalised as chatbots) have begun to be adopted for specific application areas e.g. Customer Support Q&A, Interactive support for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Marketing and Sales. These project will investigate the development of Conversational Agent based on RASA open source platform. The projects will research agents which employ deep learning algorithms to … Read more


A mark of excellent research is an excellent bibliography filled with references to the most relevant research papers. When embarking on a new project it is very important to find the most relevant research papers on your topic of interest. This project will use Natural Language Processing tools to help sift through the mountains of … Read more


Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) helps users learn a new foreign language or improve their knowledge of an existing language using apps in various forms. An important part of learning a foreign language is developing the ability to read fluently in that language, and a major obstacle is lack of vocabulary when trying to read, a … Read more

I’m a Celebrity

An interesting part of developing a chatbot is to try to give it a unique and fun personality. One approach is to train the chatbot on speech produced by a well-known personality or famous individual. This project involves sourcing speech data belonging to a range of famous people and using machine learning techniques to develop … Read more

Computer Says No!

Dialogue systems such as Siri and Alexa aim to solve one of the most difficult Artificial Intelligence problems by automating human conversational ability. A challenge for development of better dialogue agents capable of good entertaining conversations is lack of tests that can tell if Siri’s conversations are any good. How fun is it to talk … Read more

Artificial Neural Networks and Language

Artificial Neural Networks try to mimic the process that takes place inside the human brain and are responsible for some recent giant leaps forward in Artificial Intelligence across many research areas. This project will develop an interface that enables users to learn about the technology behind Neural Networks and how they work when applied to … Read more


I’m happy to consider compelling project proposals that involve hardware, networking, security or wireless technologies. Ideally they will be well aligned with my research interests. In recent years students have worked on projects in security and crypto, Vehicular Networking, Distributed online control, Underwater communications, and some simple Quantum Communication concepts. It might be interesting to … Read more

Lifelong reinforcement learning – TAKEN

Lifelong Machine Learning is a technique that enables an agent to learn continuously, accumulate the knowledge learned in previous tasks, and use it to help future learning. However, most machine learning techniques currently focus on learning a single-task. This project will investigate lifelong learning techniques that enable accumulation and reuse of knowledge from previously encountered … Read more