Cartoon Animation Projects

We will collaborate with award-winning animation studio Cartoon Saloon to address a number of interesting research projects related to cartoon character animation creation, such as: 1) Animated character body part recognition: This project aims to search through cartoon scenes in order to identify character body parts. This task is more difficult than typical human pose-estimation as … Read more

Code similarity for Java programs

The purpose of this project will be to explore the available techniques used for code similarity and copyright infringement detection. One such technique is tree edit distance (TED) for abstract syntax trees. The project will involve the comparison of techniques, the implementation of one such technique (potentially TED) for Java code, and practical improvements guarding … Read more

Neural Network Cloth Simulation

[MSc] In this project, you will first generate a database of cloth simulation for a single character performing a large range of motions, from a mocap database. You will use a commercial cloth simulation software to create the deformations (e.g., Houdini, Maya, UE4 cloth etc.). Then, the idea is to create a neural network that … Read more

Enhancing engagement in Conversational (AI) Agents

Conversational Agents (sometimes operationalised as chatbots) have begun to be adopted for specific application areas e.g. Customer Support Q&A, Interactive support for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Marketing and Sales. These project will investigate the development of Conversational Agent based on RASA open source platform. The projects will research agents which employ deep learning algorithms to … Read more

About these projects

Ignore published dates like 2019, all of these were revised in September 2021. All of these proposals cover a large enough part of the “problem space” to allow more than one student take them on, looking at different parts/aspects of the problem. All can be scoped appropriately for 4-year/MCS dissertation level. If you have your … Read more

Using Promela/SPIN to verify RTEMS “Managers”

RTEMS ( is an open-source real-time operating system widely used in aircraft and spacecraft. It offers a comprehensive API, mostly defined in terms of “managers” that provide calls to perform specific kinds of services or provide specific infrastructure. As part of an activity sponsored by the European Space Agency (ESA) we have developed a methodology … Read more

Social Software Engineering

Contact me to discuss possible projects in social software engineering. If you took my 3rd year module CSU33012, you will already have a sense of the projects I offer in this area. If you haven’t, I work with students to identify interesting research questions about how software engineers collaborate. We then developer qualitative methods for … Read more

Cinematic lighting in VR

This project will explore the effects of character and environment lighting and how it can be adapted to increase the appeal of a character in a VR open-world environment. The student will incorporate lighting theory from cinematography and psychology research into a CG environment, in order to enhance the character’s appeal and emotional expressivity in … Read more

Gesture Similarity Metrics

[MSc] How can computer generated co-speech gestures be assessed for their similarity to the ground truth gestures? A number of such measures have already been proposed, such as the Fréchet gesture distance (Yoon et al. 2020) and expressive motion parameters such as velocity (Ferstl et al. 2020), or clusters based on such parameters (Saund et al. 2021). … Read more