Cartoon Animation Projects

We will collaborate with award-winning animation studio Cartoon Saloon to address a number of interesting research projects related to cartoon character animation creation, such as: 1) Animated character body part recognition: This project aims to search through cartoon scenes in order to identify character body parts. This task is more difficult than typical human pose-estimation as … Read more

CPR Training System (Project taken)

This project aims to develop a training system to aid people learning CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). The idea is to build on the work of a previous final year projects where we were able to automatically determine the CCR (Chest Compression Rate) from mobile phone footage and give feedback to the person giving CPR (to … Read more

Tennis play analysis on a mobile device (Project taken)

This project aims to look at shot placement during tennis matches by analysing the footage from a mobile device such as a phone. The system will need to process the footage in real time and will need to distinguish the two players and determine, for each player, the locations of their serves, their returns & … Read more

Doorbell video analysis (Project taken)

Video doorbells are now very common and some of the advanced ones incorporate features like people detection, action recognition (e.g. delivering post), face recognition, etc. This project aims to look at this area to investigate and extend current capabilities.

Android Computer Vision.

Projects in the general area of “Computer Vision” (e.g. image processing and analysis,) implemented on the Android platform for mobile devices. Thus the programming language(s) required would be at some flavour of Java with possibly some C/C++.