Cartoon Animation Projects

We will collaborate with award-winning animation studio Cartoon Saloon to address a number of interesting research projects related to cartoon character animation creation, such as: 1) Animated character body part recognition: This project aims to search through cartoon scenes in order to identify character body parts. This task is more difficult than typical human pose-estimation as … Read more

Neural Network Cloth Simulation

[MSc] In this project, you will first generate a database of cloth simulation for a single character performing a large range of motions, from a mocap database. You will use a commercial cloth simulation software to create the deformations (e.g., Houdini, Maya, UE4 cloth etc.). Then, the idea is to create a neural network that … Read more

Gesture Similarity Metrics

[MSc] How can computer generated co-speech gestures be assessed for their similarity to the ground truth gestures? A number of such measures have already been proposed, such as the Fr├ęchet gesture distance (Yoon et al. 2020) and expressive motion parameters such as velocity (Ferstl et al. 2020), or clusters based on such parameters (Saund et al. 2021). … Read more

Cartoon Animation from Motion capture

Motion capture animation creates highly realistic movements for virtual characters. However, when applied to cartoon characters can appear “too realistic” and not stylized or expressive enough. In this project, you will develop new algorithms for altering motion capture animation in order to add expressiveness to cartoon characters. Knowledge of computer graphics is essential and this … Read more

Live Motion Capture Avatar System

CitizenMetaOne Youtuber live capture setup [MSc level] Become a virtual youtuber, and create your own live Metahuman system setup, using HTC Vive controllers for tracking the hands and a webcam for capturing the face. This project will use pre-existing animation plugins in Unreal Engine as a starting point (Faceware for the facial capture, Metahumans for … Read more

Virtual Conversational Agent

Metahuman characters [FYP level] This project is about building a conversational virtual agent in Unreal Engine that can take text as input and produce speech and associated animations on a Metahuman. The main aspect will be learning to work with virtual human animations and programming the to animate in state-machines. The project will involve integrating … Read more

Perception of Facial Expressions

[FYP level] In this project, the student will run a number of experiments investigating perception of facial expressions on realistically rendered virtual faces. A large part of the work will be generating the stimuli, which will be done using a combination of Metahuman Creator and Unreal Engine. This project is very suited to a student … Read more

Physical Interaction with Augmented Reality

[Sorry this project is now taken] This project explores the use of physical tactile interactions (e.g. the touch of a finger or a stylus against another object) to trigger events or interactions in mixed and augmented reality environments. For instance, a user might tap somewhere on a real surface to anchor a virtual object, trace … Read more

Data Visualization Library for Processing

[Sorry this project is now taken, but I’d be interested in discussing the possibility of an alternative, using p5.js, the online version of Processing] SUITABLE for Final Year Project. As this is largely an implementation project, it is not recommended for MSc/Masters dissertation. Processing [] is a simple graphical library and IDE used in visual … Read more

The Lovecats

TAKEN – 18/08/2021 This involves creating an Augmented Reality interactive application to entertain – yes, you guessed it – our feline friends. Probably using projection and tracking the movements of the fur-balls using computer vision. It will be wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty.