Choosing a Project

When to choose a project

Students should select a final year project before the end of the fourth week of Semester 1. Where students have not selected a project by the deadline, a project supervisor will be allocated to them in consulation with the relevant course director out of the supervisors who have not yet reached their supervision limits. The chosen supervisor will assign the student a project or help them to specify a project in an area selected by the supervisor.

How to choose a project

Students may either

  • select a project from the list of project proposals put forward by the lecturing staff, or
  • alternatively propose their own projects. If you have a project proposal of your own and if you are having trouble finding an appropriate supervisor, then contact your course director:
BAI / MAI EngineeringProf Marco Ruffini
BA (Mod) / Master in Computer ScienceProf Kenneth Dawson-Howe
BA (Mod) Computer Science and LanguageProf Martin Emms
BA (Mod) Computer Science and BusinessProf Lucy Hederman
BA (Mod) Management Science and
Information Systems Studies (MSISS)
Prof Alessio Benavoli
MSc Computer ScienceProf Doug Leith

In either case students must get the agreement of a supervisor before they will be considered as having selected a project. Supervisors may require a meeting with the student to discuss the project before accepting a supervision request. Once you have agreed a project with your supervisor you should complete the supervision form (the link was sent to you by email).

Students may only select a single project, but they may change their minds and select an alternative project before the end of the fourth week of Semester 1. However, if a student selects a new project, they must notify both the old and new supervisors that their previously chosen project is to be cancelled.

Choosing a project supervisor

Students should note that each supervisor will only take a limited number of students. If you find the information is incorrect please send details to

Students should also note that there are only a limited number of supervisors in any area. Hence students are not guaranteed a project in their area of choice.