Enhancing a Theorem Prover written in Haskell

A theorem prover “reasonEq” , written in Haskell, is currently under development. It is intended to support reasoning about the meaning and correctness of programs. It supports an easy to use proof style for predicate calculus known as “equational reasoning” – very similar to the kind of algebraic reasoning used in most mathematics found in … Read more

Domain-Specific Languages in Haskell

Haskell (haskell.org) is good for developing Domain Specific Languages (DSLs). A classic example of this are financial combinators – the linked paper led to a financial services spinout (lexifi.com) that is still going strong. There is an interesting overview of using Haskell to design DSLs. I am always willing to supervise projects in this space. … Read more

Functional programming for Creative Arts

There are a number of Haskell embedded DSL’s for creative coding of music and animation, for example TidalCycles, LSystems, a port of the processing language, and so on. There is a lot of scope to improve these languages and make them available to a wider range of users. A project in this area would require some knowledge of Haskell … Read more