Human Gesture recognition- Allocated 20-21

FYP/MASTERS: This project is focused on detecting and analysing non-verbal communication by means of gestures.  The project will investigate the learning of the gestures in a gesture database such as  The human skeleton can be extracted using a system such as Google’s Blazepose  The research will be to process the temporal skeleton information … Read more

Autonomous Drone Racing (Allocated 20-21)

FYP LEVEL: visual guidance of an autonomous drone.  Using a Tello drone This project will be to use computer vision on a drone to identify way points and complete a circuit.  The project will use  This project would suit a Final Year student with an interest in Go and robotics.

Non-verbal communications in 2-person conversations (Allocated for 2020-21)

Masters Level: This project is concerned with the recognition of non-verbal communications two person communication e.g. via video conference.  This project will use the SEWA dataset as a reference and learn to analyse interpersonal communication.  This project would suit someone interested in non-verbal signalling in human to human and human to avatar conversations.