Physical Interaction with Augmented Reality

[Sorry this project is now taken] This project explores the use of physical tactile interactions (e.g. the touch of a finger or a stylus against another object) to trigger events or interactions in mixed and augmented reality environments. For instance, a user might tap somewhere on a real surface to anchor a virtual object, trace … Read more

The Lovecats

TAKEN – 18/08/2021 This involves creating an Augmented Reality interactive application to entertain – yes, you guessed it – our feline friends. Probably using projection and tracking the movements of the fur-balls using computer vision. It will be wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty.

Bat out of Hell

TAKEN – 18/08/2021 In this project, you will simulate physical interactions with different types of virtual bats, racquets, and balls for Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) applications.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

TAKEN – 18/08/2021 The aim of this project is to simulate the behaviours of crowds of fans in a sports stadium, e.g., swaying with arms around a group of fellow fans while singing, Mexican wave, etc.,

Walk on the Wild Side

TAKEN – 18/08/2021 This project aims to simulate a virtual character which can adapt itself to walking on surfaces with different physical properties, e.g., a desert with sand; a snowy hill; an icy footpath etc.

Your Mama don’t Dance…

Taken – 18/09/2021 (…and your Daddy don’t rock’n roll) This project involves developing a “dancercise” app in Virtual or Augmented Reality (VR/AR) using simple wearable sensors for tracking movements.

Improving depth perception in mixed reality

[Sorry – too many takers for this project already] SUITABLE FOR Masters or Final Year Project. When virtual objects are overlaid onto realworld scenes in mixed and augmented reality, the perceived sense of relative depth between objects is sometimes not what is intended. The virtual object often appears as a flat 2D image floating in … Read more