The Lovecats

TAKEN – 18/08/2021 This involves creating an Augmented Reality interactive application to entertain – yes, you guessed it – our feline friends. Probably using projection and tracking the movements of the fur-balls using computer vision. It will be wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty.

Bat out of Hell

TAKEN – 18/08/2021 In this project, you will simulate physical interactions with different types of virtual bats, racquets, and balls for Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) applications.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

TAKEN – 18/08/2021 The aim of this project is to simulate the behaviours of crowds of fans in a sports stadium, e.g., swaying with arms around a group of fellow fans while singing, Mexican wave, etc.,

Walk on the Wild Side

TAKEN – 18/08/2021 This project aims to simulate a virtual character which can adapt itself to walking on surfaces with different physical properties, e.g., a desert with sand; a snowy hill; an icy footpath etc.

Your Mama don’t Dance…

Taken – 18/09/2021 (…and your Daddy don’t rock’n roll) This project involves developing a “dancercise” app in Virtual or Augmented Reality (VR/AR) using simple wearable sensors for tracking movements.