[Taken]An Exploration of Facebook’s Blockchain Currency: Diem

In 2019, Facebook announced project Libra whose goal was to create a global currency which was a form of stable coin backed by a basket of world currencies. They formed a consortium with many other global technology and financial firms to help launch the currency. The concept made many governments extremely nervous and regulators in … Read more

[Taken] Decentralized Finance – Exploring Futures/Perpetuals

The Blockchain gave us the token which allows assets to be represented and traded on the blockchain without the involvement of any 3rd party. Decentralized Finance has created a world where people can automatically trade these assets using systems like Uniswap and can borrow and stake them using sites like Aave and Compound. In real-world … Read more

[Taken]Decentralized Finance -MakerDAO with Real-World Assets

Blockchain technologies gave us the ‘Token’ – which allowed assets to be represented and traded on the blockchain. Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) has built on this to create a vibrant marketplace where people trade assets, stake them and borrow against them. In order to link to the old world of conventional currencies, so-called stable-coins were created … Read more

[Taken]Exploring the Polkadot Blockchain

The two most significant blockchains out there are Bitcoin and Ethereum. While Bitcoin pioneered the blockchain concept, Ethereum built upon this adding capabilities like Smart Contracts and Tokens. These capabilities in-turn gave birth to Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) and a whole swathe of other blockchain applicaitons. One of the co-inventors of Ethereum, Gavin Wood, had ideas … Read more


I’m happy to consider compelling project proposals that involve hardware, networking, security or wireless technologies. Ideally they will be well aligned with my research interests. In recent years students have worked on projects in security and crypto, Vehicular Networking, Distributed online control, Underwater communications, and some simple Quantum Communication concepts. It might be interesting to … Read more