Distributed Systems/Networking

My areas of interest include: Distributed Systems, e.g. Scale, Containerized Environments, Kubernetes, Network Security such as Botnets, Intrusion Detection, and Honeypots, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Self-managing networks, e.g. Mobile Ad hoc network or Active Agents, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Internet Alternatives such as Information-CentricNetworking (ICN)/Named-Data Networking (NDN) or Recursive InterNetwork Architecture (RINA). I am happy to talk about … Read more


I’m happy to consider compelling project proposals that involve hardware, networking, security or wireless technologies. Ideally they will be well aligned with my research interests. In recent years students have worked on projects in security and crypto, Vehicular Networking, Distributed online control, Underwater communications, and some simple Quantum Communication concepts. It might be interesting to … Read more